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Meea, Sapphire Coating, Watermarking, Digital Printing, Litho Printing, Hitchin, Herts


What is a watermark?

A watermark is a unique mark in a paper that is added to paper when it is being made. A special roller called a dandy reel has a raised surface that squeezes water out of the paper when it is being made in to sheet form. When the paper dries it has a distinct image or wording i.e. queen's head in pound notes.

Watermarks in the past have generally been reserved for large corporations with large budgets and bulging pockets. Now smaller companies with a modest budget can portray the same impressive image as there larger, more established competitors.

The MEEA Way

The MEEA system of watermarking is completely unique and a very cost effective. It also provides a way of improving your company's image with the added benefit of security.

MEEA is the sole licensee of British Patent 2264672 B.

This ensures you that no one else will officially be able to re-produce a watermark in the same manor as ourselves. With the peace of mind this gives, you can be rest assured and know with confidence that your watermark will be completely unique and personal.

MEEA takes infringement of the patent extremely seriously.


A watermark is a popular and very effective way of securing documents of a sensitive nature. The most effective way to keep the forgers at bay is to change security features on a regular basis. This isn't possible with expensive security measures such as ID cards, but with a personalised watermark changing on a regular basis you can keep any would be forgers at bay. The forgers will defiantly move onto another company who aren't taking security as seriously as you. If the unthinkable happened and a forger copied or obtained some watermarked paper, you can simply throw you're existing stock away and start again with a new and different watermark. Now that might sound expensive but it's a lot cheaper than having your security breached by criminals. Any criminal will certainly leave you well alone and find an easy target.

With modern scanners and printers it's a very real possibility of having you're stationery copied. You don't have to be a computer graduate now days to scan and duplicate logos, crests, letters or anything else of this nature. This is a very real and common problem for colleges and universities around the UK where students are reproducing stationery and giving themselves some very good reviews and some greatly improved grades. A Simple watermark from MEEA and this is virtually impossible for any student to achieve.


There are many varied uses for our watermark, such as letterheads, compliment slips, continuation sheets, certificates and even raffle tickets have been watermarked in the past.


At MEEA quantity is not an issue, you can have as few or as much watermarked paper as you like.

If you went to the mill directly you will have to order a minimum 2 tonnes of paper and have a wait 3 months for delivery of you're paper, not to mention the large invoice.


Our watermarking process can even work out substantially cheaper than buying pre-branded paper. Not only will potential customers think that you're company is successful and well established that you can afford to have your own watermark, where in fact you'll actually be saving money.





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